Knerten og Mormor er to ganske omfattende prosjekter for Paradox. Dette er like mye merkevare som film – logodesign som skal funke på mange flater og produkter. Det hele startet med Knerten i 2008.

Case: Knerten visual identity. The film is based on two classic children’s books from the early 1960s. With a wide target group of 5 and 6-year-olds, their siblings, parents and grandparents, the strategy was to find a 1960stype expression that would be cool and playful in 2009.

Apart from the Knerten character’s angular and rigid appearance, I drew a lot of inspiration from 1950s and 1960s design: colors that were fashionable at the time, vehicle lettering, signs and packaging. The aim of the teaser posters was to whet the whole family’s appetite for the film. The film was a runaway success, posting the best ever opening weekend viewing figures for a Norwegian children’s film in Norway.